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…Experience more alive, alleviate strain and undergo astonishing body sensations… ‘’Comfy, deep tissue massage therapy, complying with an exceptional mastery of physiology and anatomy, offered with attentiveness, love and compassion’’

Step into an exciting world of leisure and leave all your pains behind by enjoying a deep pressure massage by our expert practitioner. Intensive, tailor-made treatment designed to stimulate muscle tissue, fascia and tendons well below the skin surface.

Feeling tired, fatigued, all tied up in knots. Whatever your concern is, body treatment will bring ultimate comfort and alleviation from suffering. Whether you are looking to sooth accumulated tightness and stretch in tissues, ligaments and joints or just want pure calmness, deep tissue massage therapy is the perfect answer to many ailments.

deep tissue massage
muscle therapy

What actually the deep tissue massage therapy is?

During the massage therapy, masseur applies moderate but intense strokes to invigorate and revitalize the body. Basically, it targets the deeper fiber structures of joints and underlying muscular tissues. By re-aligning the underlying skin and muscular layers (connecting ligaments), therapist offers relief from muscle stress and breaks down chronic ties. Further, by applying pressure with fingers, rigid but moderate strokes; deep pressure massage brings relief from stress and tightness in various body parts including shoulders, lower or upper back, calf muscles and neck.

You know why is it so effective? This body work is not just about pressing your body hard. It is about identifying deeper fibers and muscular strains that are causing ache, cramp, and stiffness or restricting your body movements. Using a series of contemporary and ancient techniques to unbend and loosen up muscles, therapist aims at full body massage to convalesce your overall well-being.

Many doctors in Chicago highly recommend their patients Professional deep tissue massage as a part of medical treatment. Thai Lotus Bodywork offers the best deep tissue massage therapy massage for athletes in Chicago

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60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes

Why choose Thai Lotus Bodywork for deep tissue massage Chicago?

At Thai Lotus Bodywork, our well-trained and experienced therapists pay special attention to provide relief to clients from their stress and tightness. Profound and rhythmical pressures are the main focal point of deep muscle therapy. Working from top to toe, triggering discomforting points along the body, our masseur will bend, stretch, flex and press the client’s body to release tension, enhance elasticity and free up blocked nerves.

By using thumb, fingers, arms, feet and palms, he’ll generate a dancing movement by gently pressing and stroking guest’s body. He’ll never be in a rush. You’ll never experience a rash change in pressure or speed. All the methods would melt into the next level like a charmingly choreographed show. Furthermore, he can tailor the treatment according to customer’s age, buildup and fitness level.

This is why we feel so proud to serve our valuable customers in Chicago, IL.

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What to expect during deep tissue massage in Chicago?

The foremost critical aspect is that therapists employ bodywork for revival, recovery and cure.  You should remember the fact that you may go through some inconvenience during or after the deep muscle therapy. During the treatment, you will have to lay down flat on the back or belly. The Thai Lotus Bodywork masseur will apply different vigorous degree of pressures on certain body parts. He will pinpoint underlying dormant stiff tissues and apply various postures to alleviate soreness and ache. People usually feel from mild to sharp pain during the deep full body massage due to releasing stress and tightness. Furthermore, masseur would use strokes against the muscular natural movement direction. If guest is experiencing unbearable stress or strain, he/she should consult the masseur.

A perfect method to get the most of your professional deep tissue massage is to stay serene and entrust the masseur’s abilities. At Thai Lotus Bodywork, our trained and experienced masseur will discuss all the concerns and issues before starting the deep muscle therapy.

After deep tissue massage therapy

If you are feeling soreness, you can apply ice to get rid of soreness or pain. Taking a hot bath after the therapy greatly assists to release the muscular strain and let firmness go.

How does muscle therapy work?

You can’t compare anything to the tried and tested relieves of this deep tissue body massage as far as providing relief to the stiffed or knotted muscular fibers is concerned. While the bodywork is quite similar to other massages such as classic or Thai massage because it also works to target the deeper skin layers. However, the difference is the amount of power and force behind strokes. In addition to that, masseurs apply stroke in the muscular grain’s direction in traditional massage while in this technique, they apply strokes in the opposite direction of muscular grain.

This method is formulated to target tissues where adhesions may have developed over time. These are known as the concentrations in fibers, tendons or muscles. Adhesion is actually scar tissue resulting from the healing process of an old injury. With the passage of time, these points become painful and the individual experience discomfort when he tries muscular movements.  This muscle therapy envisions breaking up the adhesions to restore the normal physical movement.

The amount of force and compression may be uncomfortable and painful for certain individuals. Therapy can result in soreness for a week or two. No matter whatever the desired results are, if you experience the strokes unbearable, you must inform Thai Lotus therapist. Our experienced masseur will adjust the pressure so that you feel comfortable. He will still gain the desired goals.

deep tissue massage therapy
deep muscle therapy

Precautionary measures before the treatment

You must take deep bodywork as a therapy. So you must review certain aspects before your session with the masseur. Follow the below mentioned precautionary measures.

-If you are having blood clotting disease, you should pay special attention to muscle therapy. A pressure massage can result in the breaking down or dislodging of the blood clots. In this respect, take advice from your health practitioner whether such a deep tissue remedial massage would be appropriate for your health or not.

-Prior to the session, speak to your masseur if you have been suffering from lump, brittle bones, fractures, hernia, non-healing wounds, sores, bruises, and sore or irritating skin. Avoid massaging in such body parts.

-You must consult physician if you’ve opted for treatments such as a recent surgical procedure, ongoing radiotherapy, cancer treatment or any similar health complication. Patients of osteoporosis should take advice prior to a body tissue massage.

-People having a medical complication related to skin, ligaments or tissues, should speak to their physiotherapist prior they get deep massage.

-Remember, it is more concerned about stimulating the body tissues. A person is likely to experience strain, tightness or regular ache because of his sitting or working posture. It is good to thoroughly discuss concerning particular physical parts requiring relief to your therapists prior to deep massage bodywork.

-Another concern is when the client is pregnant. Normally, professional deep tissue massage is not suitable for pregnant women. However, at Thai Lotus Bodywork, our highly experienced practitioner offers deep tissue massage therapy. 

Following the therapy at Thai Lotus Bodywork, you’ll surely feel a significant reduction in stress and pregnant women. However, speak to medical advisor prior to making an advance session booking.

What Thai Lotus Bodywork Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Offers

  • Enhanced spinal alignment
  • Alternative to surgery for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Comfort from acute suffering
  • Movement restoration
  • Help in curing wound
  • Instigate the immunity system to speed up healing process
  • Better circulation of blood and achieve deeper tissue penetration
  • Lessening of pain due to conditions like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia
  • Releases blocked nerves and deeply ingrained muscular ties
  • Better structural alignments
  • Releases toxicants and open energy channels

Who can benefit from deep tissue massage?

The full body muscle therapy work is ideal for an individual desiring results-driven and gratifying therapy. Furthermore, someone looking to enhance resilience and elasticity, lessen built-up stress and tightness, and recover their posture. Such a body work is favorable for body builders, dancers, athletes, manual and office workers as well as large clients. It is also great for persons who are not satisfied with normal pressure or individual who are persistently under distress and suffering.

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