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What is Thai yoga Stretching?

It is a unique type of clothed therapeutic massage. In this beautiful combination of yogic influence and Indian Ayurvedic, massager uses traditional massage techniques with an emphasis on energy channels. From an ancient time, Thai yoga Stretching massage has been transferred from one generation to the next.

In Thai yoga stretching, masseur uses hands, elbows, knees to put pressure and stretch the body to release the blocked energy points. It works along the energy line system (Ten Sen). This results in restoring harmony and balance. Working along the life force, it relieves pains, aches and other discomforts. Thai yoga (loving kindness) is originated from Buddhism and strongly linked to India, is always performed in musing atmosphere.

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Who is the Yoga Stretching Massage for?

Anybody suffering from stretched muscles or stagnation through the energy lines can get benefit from Yoga Stretching treatment. Actually, the masseur works along the Sen (blockages) through the body to offer comfort and relaxation. You might be flexible, athletic or strong, but the massager applies thumbing and palming yoga techniques to release tension.  These mesmerizing and effective flexibility stretches are beneficial for people coming from any age or walk of life. Also, it can be beneficial for professional athletes.

80$ 115$ 150$
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes

Benefits of Yoga Stretching bodywork

  • Enhanced energy flow

Tightened joints and muscles hinder the energy flow across the body. The Yoga Stretching treatment helps to relieve the tensed body tissues and muscles, thus enhancing the overall energy flow. Adding flexibility stretches to massage results in relief from stress and strain! It also brings back natural tone and flexibility.

  • Unbeatable flexible stretches

It’s a great practice for both the hard working athletes and stressed individuals. It calms the limbs to relax the muscles further.

  • Relief from pain

It is an alternative and effective treatment to get rid of acute pains. It is also beneficial for individuals complaining about chronic headache. By improving the blood circulation, body treatment assists in harmonizing and soothing the pain.

  •  Relief from stress

Undoubtedly, Thai bodywork is always known for its relaxation and comfort features. In the same way, Thai Yoga flexible stretches bodywork helps to generate pleasant vibes. As a result, hormones secreted which lowers the stress level and enhance the feelings of joy and fun.

  • Precautionary measures

If you’re suffering from cancer or you’re pregnant, you must consult your doctor before a Thai yoga Stretching session. Besides, if you’re too weak, you must also consider your health level.

How does it feel to have flexibility stretches?

Quite different from traditional Thai treatment- flow, rhythm and smoothness are the integral part of Yoga flexibility stretches. The practitioner is never in a rush and you enjoy a constant pressure and moment. Each step melts into the next one like playing a harmonious tone. Well, flexibility stretches during Yoga Stretching might be a little uncomfortable for a newbie but soon, you’ll start enjoying its enormous benefits. The guests never realize the pain and feel refreshed and more flexible after the yoga stretching.

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