Body Massage

Why Traditional Thai Massage is so important for your well-being?

The secret of best thai massage lies in the fundamentals of the Thai bodywork. It’s relied on:

  1. Natural herbs
  2. Tui-na massage from China
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Buddhist traditions
  5. Yogic asanas (positions)
  6. Indian Ayurvedic
  7. The Sen Lines technique

In fact, it’s a mixture of different ancient healing procedures, medicinal traditions and vibrant cultures. All these features clearly depict the paramount importance of this bodywork and how effective is it to rejuvenating and reviving.

Thai massage as a branch of TTC (Thai traditional medicine)

Being recognized as a traditional medicine, Thai bodywork is considered as a major contributor as an authentic treatment for various ailments. Besides, it is also known as an effective treatment for various serious diseases, especially related to psychological and physiological concerns. In fact, Thai massage is ‘A SOLID REASON TO HEAL’.

best Thai massage in Chicago

Thai bodywork is a complete healing process

The reality of advantages of this bodywork lies in the reality that it is a comprehensive treatment addressing your whole body including Soul, Body and Brain.

Actually, it instigates the person’s inner capacity to heal and become healthy. It does so by offering thorough, generous, trustworthy, optimistic and cheerful bodywork.

80$ 115$ 150$
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes

Buddhist teachings in best Thai massage in Chicago

These rely over 4 spiritual minds of brain:


Brings awareness, acceptance and equilibrium


Brings joy, fun and good fortune


Love and passion to heal others suffering from pain


A passion to make others happy

Indian philosophical essence in best Thai massage in Chicago

It is based on the parameters of tridoshas. Also, Indian Ayurvedic philosophy helps the masseur to determine what postures or massage technique he/she must adapt to offer healing and comfort to a guest.

The Sen lines in best Thai massage in Chicago

These factors are based on the yogic and Ayurvedic notion of energy and nadis centers. Further, these lines are related to the body force performing various tasks. Also, thai bodywork improves the energy force across the body to bring better health.

Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic in best Thai massage in Chicago

Through the years, this massage technique has improved as a result of the soulful combination of Indian Ayurvedic methods and Chinese medicine. Both these factors effectively add to the better health and soul of the individuals.

What’s Life Force Energy?

Remember, all of our daily activities are supported or performed by ‘A LIFE FORCE ENERGY’.

This force circulates through the energy lines of the body. If the flow is proper and smooth, your body is able to perform any task. Also, thai bodywork heals and promotes the energy force by removing imbalances and blockages, releasing tensions and pains, smoothing the passage. As a result, energy flows through the body unrestrictedly and freely. In this way, you experience a healthy body, get rid of toxins and wastes, improves lymphatic and blood circulatory system, attains equilibrium, and also the spiritual healing of spirit.

All these points clearly shows how the best Thai massage and deep tissue massage in Chicago can bring you happiness, fun and comfort.

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