Body Massage

Experience the gentle touch of healing hands to renew your spirit and body

Thai Yoga Stretching
Thai Yoga Stretching

Get rid of aches and strains to enjoy enhanced mobility with Yoga Stretching

Thai Sport Massage
Thai Sport Massage

Only one hour of magical hands to make you a champion

Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage

No matter Thai massage is a luxury or necessity; you deserve it to live healthy life

Thai Massage Chicago

Drawing from body treatments and therapies that are both contemporary as well as primitive, Thai Lotus Bodywork offers an exclusive selection of massages developed to give you ultimate relaxation and inner soul healing.

Get an escape from the busy urban life to have Traditional Thai Massage Chicago experience. Aromatic essences and Thai interior take you to a peaceful atmosphere of harmony and perfect calmness.

Our massage therapists participate in training sessions around the globe to stay updated of current progress and betterment in the massage industry. We are glad to offer a combination of modalities to benefit the guest whether it is pain treatment, therapeutic or just relaxation.

$80 $115 $150
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes


Hands of professional Thai experts

The beneficial touch of the hands is calming; it relaxes the body and caresses the soul.

Enjoy the Authentic Thai environment

Thai ambience! Enjoy the decorative arts, breathed the soul into it.

Available street Parking and accessible Public Transportation

Please contact us for all parking options.

Enjoy a state of extreme comfort

When the body and soul melt into one, everything turns into peace and harmony.

We live and operate our Thai Massage salon in Chicago, IL. We are your neighbors. Looking for a service like Thai massage, deep tissue massage, couples massage, sports massage therapy? Or simply relaxing massage, we offer the best treatment. We are proud to provide a service that contributes positively to Chicago land community. And adds quality lifestyle to our neighborhood.

Massage Packages

Massage is a way to get the ultimate relaxation experience and calmness of body and mind. A person and preference. You can book our services during weekdays and at weekends at the best price. On special with tired nerves and mind cannot perform better. Working hard to fulfill your needs and getting no rest can make even a healthy person looks sick and less productive. Getting the peace and harmony of mind and body matter a lot to perform better in any field. The importance of massage cannot be denied in this regard. Having financial satisfaction without good health can alienate you from real happiness.

The massage packages available at Thai Lotus Bodywork have been designed according to your personal needs occasions, we offer special discounts for couples and individuals to make your holidays memorable to enjoyable. There are also other types of massages available for injured persons, athletes, and players to help them perform better. So, if you are looking to make some beautiful memories with slow music, dim light along-with your favorite aroma-therapy then try out our services. We have well-experienced massage therapists who know better how to make your body feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Moreover, you can also get a monthly subscription for massage packages. It is best for regular massage seekers with a discounted price. 

the union of traditional thai medicine
massage champion
chicago thai massage

Why Thai Lotus Massage

During your stay at Thai Lotus Spa, you’ll enjoy Thai rituals that will relax you. We welcome our valued guests with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold water. In addition, we offer warm aromatic towel, a stress-relieving scalp and a Pure-Fume application to remind you of your best massage therapy!

At Thai Lotus Bodywork, our professional team members continuously learn new techniques and latest methods in the massage world. Most our therapists graduated Thai massage schools in Thailand. In other words, we are proud to providing you a therapist specialized in the massage style you prefer. Also, you may choose a body work from therapies like deep tissue massage Chicago Illinois, Thai sport massage Chicago, couples massage Chicago Illinois, yoga stretching, Thai massage near me, massage therapy Chicago and much more.

Thai Massage and Deep Tissue massage Chicago Il

Our experienced therapists apply various latest methods to unwind, revitalize and discharge stress and restoring the harmony of your soul and body. Tell your masseur whether you’re happy and satisfied with mild or deeper pressure or if you’ve any issues with a particular part of your body. The most requested body massage at Lotus spa is the lighter and soothing massage treatment, Thai massage Chicago, asian massage Chicago IL. In addition, we also offer deep tissue massage Chicago  to deal with severe or mild cramps, muscle stiffness and chronic pain. Also, It enhances flexibility as well as blood circulation. You can also enjoy our special couples massage Chicago IL to feel relaxed in the company of someone you love the most.

Our experienced team has all the potential to learn about the concerns and issues of their guests.  Also, they offer them thorough consultation, so they can be satisfied and complacent during their spa visit in Thai massage place.

The complete line of organic and herbal products at Lotus massage salon provides us with an opportunity to re-create your massage experience. Also, made with plant ingredients, natural flower and organic materials Our products have a proven record of wonderful and powerful results. For instance, natural products don’t harm our guests or the environment around us in our Thai massage Chicago salon.

Massage Chicago IL

With a mission of charity, we donate the 100% post-customer recycled material in our packaging for different charities. In this way, you can also become a part of this noble cause.

Our dedication to client’ satisfaction extends to our transparent and competitive rates. Also, We envision offering a level of service matching or exceeding that of the top massage parlors. However, it has very affordable cost to ensure true value of your hard-earned money. In other words, we offer the best Thai massage Chicago IL and deep tissue massage Chicago Illinois services  at very reasonable prices.

Thai Lotus Bodywork Etiquettes

  • Make an advanced booking

You must select a suitable time for body treatment. In this respect, it is good to book your preferred body work in advance. Besides, Thai Lotus representative will make sure to remind you of your scheduled appointment.

  • Arrival time

Please come to the parlor ten minutes before your body work scheduled time. In this way, you can talk to the representative and inform him about any requirements. The Thai massage Chicago parlor timing is 9 AM to 09 PM, so the latest booking can be made by 07.30 PM

  • Respect other clients

It is mandatory for you to respect other clients’ right to feel relax. Also, if you’re using smart phone or similar gadget, please switch it to silent mode. To stay protected, you should not eat or drink abundantly right before the body treatment.

  • Cancellation policy

If you are expecting to visit late, kindly notify the front desk. Also, we may not be able to ensure the full duration of the therapy in a case if you are more than 30 minutes late. In case of a treatment cancellation, make sure to inform us no later than 24 hours in advance.

  • Gratitude

It is common in Chicago to pay a tribute to the masseur after the session by giving a tip. Therefore, we welcome all the tips if you really like Thai massage or Deep tissue massage.

Restrictions on therapy

Main purpose of all the body works is to offer revitalization, calmness and comfort. Please note that we don’t offer services of erotic or sexual nature. Also, we will not provide you service if you are under the impact of alcohol or drugs. Or your behavior is not proper.

Choose right Massage Therapy

  • Selecting a massage therapy

If you are confused about the type of the body work, you can choose from various treatments. Such as Thai massage Chicago IL, deep tissue, couples massage Chicago IL, Thai massage near me or simple massage therapy Chicago

  • Health condition

If you are concerned about your massage therapy, you can consult your physician before visiting the massage spa. At booking time, you must tell the representative in advance if you have issues such as hypertension, allergy, pregnancy. Also, Thai massage Chicago restricts this kind of therapy and we should customize our techniques for you. After the therapy, you can stay in the therapy room for up to 15 minutes. It is also recommended as per health rules.

Enjoy a comfortable  relaxing session!

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