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Couples Massage Chicago

Simply offering the most enthralling couples massage Chicago!

A service created to calm your mind and lift your soul!

Indulge in the pleasures of sharing paramount couples massage experience with someone close to your heart. Thai Lotus Bodywork brings you the indulgent couples massage therapy in its romantic and adoring environment.

Sharing a massage for couples together with someone special can increase the advantages of bodywork and surely brings you close together.

What’s massage for couples?

It is a massage when two people take the massage treatment simultaneously. Spa room is quite large and two massagers perform the bodywork. Such couples spa packages double dose treatment. In this way, they not only come closer but also get a chance to reconnect. It further enhances the relaxation experience at the spa.

Who can benefit from massage for couples?

At the current moment, romantic couples spa experience has gained enormous popularity in Chicago, IL, and its suburbs. In this local couples massage, two masseurs will massage two people simultaneously. Well, you can come with anyone like your wife, girlfriend, brother, mother, friend etc. Valuable guests coming from different sectors of life, age or sex similarly love the advantages of couples massage offers at Thai Lotus.

Price for Couples Massage Chicago

Now a day, cheap massage is really hard to find. If you find affordable and economical deals, you’ll not get the satisfactory quality. However, with Thai Lotus, we ensure you top quality treatment each time you visit the spa. We believe in offering best bodywork treatments to the Chicagoans.

Looking for a cheap couple massage or couples massage near me, you’ve come to the right place. We offer cheap couples massage Chicago, but we never compromise on the quality and service. So next time looking for best couples massage near me or couples massage  Chicago package near me, feel free to contact us and get the best romantic  spa packages Chicago.

Thai Lotus Spa Couple Prices

140$ 200$ 260$
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes

Female or male masseurs for couples massage near me

It totally depends upon your choice. We try hard to make your wish a reality, however, you must check the availability of masseurs before making an advance booking for couples massage Chicago. For many people, nudity is a main concern, when they think about going to couple massage places. We will give you traditional Thai clothes for your massage therapy. All our professional massagers will keep you comfortable with proper draping so that you can relax at best place for two massage Chicago.

Couples massage near me

When making a booking treatment at our massage salon, you’ll come across an extensive range of therapies and bodyworks.  You can easily select a treatment to relax with someone special. All couples massage near me packages are carefully created massages and latest methods. Thai traditional sound tracks, and special care to each of your body part.

For anyone, routine life is quite hectic including performing various tasks, dealing traffic on the road, marital relations, business issues, household problems and many more. In such a situation, relationship with someone special starts to deteriorate overtime. Nothing can be compared with the relaxing time you spend with your couple in a romantic couple spa.

During a couples massage Chicago experience, guests are motivated to leave behind the current and the past problems, and indulge in the ecstasy of current moment. Such an experience of two people massage allows the lovers to reestablish connection. You will achieve the peak of harmony, love, passion and calmness required to put their relationship back on the road of romance.  Besides the amusement of joining together in a mesmerizing room decorated by traditional Thai interior. Rejoining to enjoy aesthetic duet massage leaves the everlasting memories in mind. In fact, sharing a good spa for couples is much more what a naked eye can see. The masseur with her or his massage skills offer the comfort, luxury and ease to bring you soothing and calming effect.

Best Couple Massage in Chicago

The chanting prior to, during and after the couple massage allow you to share your feelings and thoughts. As a matter of fact, you turn to be more vocal about your relationship in such Thai traditional environment. Sharing emotions, feeling the touch and sensing the aroma can help you come closer.

A service like best deep tissue or sport massage are something during which you cannot only enjoy the presence of your partner but re-charge your mind and soul. For most of the couples sharing a spa is the ultimate experience in their life. At our massage parlor, ask for a separate room for treatment if you like so. Our massage for two is similar to enjoying a romantic movie in theater and after that discussing each bit of it, sharing thoughts and feelings.

For more enjoyment, share a session with your near ones and believe us, it’s also a lifetime experience.

Why Thai Lotus Bodywork for Spa Couple

Thai Lotus Bodywork’ couples massage Chicago deals are formulated including a soothing blend of musical tunes, aroma, traditional Thai interior. And a comprehensive package of body treatments like yoga massage  and traditional Thai massage to ease and calm the body of valuable guests. Besides, couples massage near me requires extra skills or knowledge, and massagers at our spa know the business very well other than anyone in industry. While doing couple bodywork, the masseurs need to be professionally accurate and trained enough to bring the specific level of energy to offer relaxation. By working together, masseurs can initiate a motion and flow of feelings and emotions and keep the spa room filled with the passion required during spa couple therapy. In this way, you’ll enjoy the entire couples massage near me and feel to relive a new life after the treatment.


What to expect before spa couple experience?

When you’ll visit our spa, masseur will inquire about a few basic questions like:

Why you want massage bodywork? Reasons

  • Any specific body part you want your therapist to pay special care
  • Any medical complications and your current physical health
  • Your strain levels
  • Your lifestyle

All the information will be note down to keep a record for future bodywork sessions. After that the masseur will analyze whether there is any health condition that you should not go for a therapy currently. In the next step, both of our masseurs will discuss what you and your partner want to gain with the spa couple treatment. In this way, therapists will be clear about your requirements. It will also help them to tailor a treatment for you and what techniques they must apply to offer maximum relaxation. Also, inquire about romantic couple spa packages to choose from.

Massage Therapy

After finalizing terms, masseurs will go out of the spa room to allow disrobing in complete privacy before spa couple massage near me. You can take off as much you’re comfortable with. If you are wearing any jewelry or other items, you must get rid all of them. After that, you can lie on your back and wrapping your body with comfortable linens. These robs are used to cover your body during the session. And the masseurs will only uncover the part they are massaging. In this way, we try to ensure the maximum level of modesty. You can drape as much as you are comfortable. All the rooms are centrally heated but you can ask for extra draping if you want. It will give you maximum comfort during the massage by two people.  We believe in the 100% satisfaction of our valuable clients.


What to expect during romantic couples spa experience

You’ll also be provided with extra utilities for comfort such as a head rest and pillows during the best couples massage near me. We only use organic and hygienic oils to provide you with extra love and care. These herbal oils don’t come with any side effects to experience couple spa treatment with maximum comfort.

At our spa couple, experience nothing but soothe and serene couples massage near me. The room has equipment with musical system so that you can enjoy calming and relaxing music during your romantic bodywork. However, if you’re not comfortable with music and want to enjoy a quiet environment you can ask massagers to turn off the music. Lights can also be dimmed low or brighten high to ensure you find complete relaxation and comfort.

The major thing is the communication. You can communicate with your partner and massager and ask them about your level of comfort. For instance, whether you just want simple comfort and loosening during the couple massage experience. Or you want serious attention to the body pains during your best couples massage Chicago, IL.

You can also ask our practitioner to concentrate on only one body part during the entire couple massage experience. As well as, you should also communicate with your mate so that he/she feels relaxed and share about therapy.


After spa couple massage experience

After therapy, masseurs will go out to offer you privacy to redress. Couples spa package deals are often about 1 hour. However, you can also ask for extended best spa deals for two of about two hours.

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