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Asian Massage Chicago

At Thai Lotus Massage, we offer our clients a wonderful asian massage chicago experience, tailored to cater their individual needs. We are glad to offer a combination of modalities to benefit the guest whether it is pain treatment, therapeutic or just relaxation.

Thai Lotus Bodywork takes you on a thrilling journey to a relaxing world of pleasure, rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle. All the aspects have been carefully crafted to offer a personal paradise where amazing massage offers a revolutionizing experience. In Chicago, professional masseurs apply particular products and body works that go ‘above and beyond’ to revive a new you. Also, we are glad to serve countless satisfied customers for services including deep tissue massage, Thai massage, combined Asian massage Chicago.

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Thai Lotus Bodywork History

Founded in 2015, Thai Lotus focus on providing a high standard massage therapy Chicago that is safe, effective and convenient for everyone. We firmly believe in the methodology of caring our valued guests and the people living around us. A major part of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  Our entire dedicated team is willing to meet your needs by offering professional services. Also, the experienced therapists of our team  trained in all aspects of body work. Our aim is to bring original Thai Massage Therapy to Chicago to share the therapeutic healing properties with locals and the neighboring community. The best form of payment we receive is the good karma from our guests by treating their infirmities and enhancing their health. We love to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide the best service in the industry.

All our therapists are carefully screened in person by Ms. Ju (owner and Thai massage master) to make sure that they meet the international massage care standards. Besides, we send them to the union of Thai traditional medicine society to get training on latest massage techniques. In this way, you’ll always find up-to-date and modernized body work methods coupled with traditional Thai treatment. Also, asian massage Chicago relieves your nerves and soothe your soul.

Established in Chicago

Through the years, we established our business in Chicago and build our clientele in Chicago and its suburbs. Also, many whom are still our clients, and the numbers are multiplying with each passing day. Also, we have earned love, respect and cooperation of Chicagoans and we feel proud to be a part of the local community.

We believe in the methodology of giving long-lasting relaxation to our valuable guests with true care and love. Also, we believe in making massage affordable, convenient and accessible to the masses. And not leaving it to be a luxury created for affluent portion of the society.

Be captivated by the touch of trained Thai masseurs, expert services of our well-trained staff, and exceptional fragrance of organic oils. Also, discover the true feeling of relaxation and calmness with our innovative and supreme spa collections and creations.

Our methodology is to offer unique professional services to our valuable clients influenced by the concept of Holistic Healing based on the ancient Thai massage treatment and asian medicine dating back from 2,500 years. Also, signature spa packages and menus develope to provide astonishing yet affordable spa services to the residents of the wind city.

Also, the objective of our company’s professional body treatment service is to achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction for each massage session.

We are always open to creative and innovative ideas to make our clients more satisfied with our services.

Asian Massage Chicago
chicago asian massage


Our mission is to foster a healthy lifestyle, relieve acute & chronic pain, release tension, instill contentment and rejuvenate the clients using therapeutic healing arts of traditional massage treatment.

Our philosophy

Nurture your inner soul in a massage experience influenced by ancient Massage philosophy, coupled with top performing masseurs. Thai’s rich traditional legacy is the main source of inspiration for natural and botanical ingredients.

We love to bring you equilibrium through an extremely personalized practice with ceremonial customs that will arouse your senses. Also, Immerse your soul in the most sophisticated experiences that come far from the land of a thousand smiles. Enjoy within the relaxing environment of a delightful, mesmerizing and spa-inspired civilization.

Our vision

When you think about Asian massage, it means you are going to enjoy the ultimate mind and body relaxation for longer time massage therapy than other types of massages. It also includes acupuncture therapy and strong hand massage that can make you feel slightly painful but injects re-freshness into your body.  Asian massage is good for people who feel stressed and deeply tired. It is also called a full-body massage or happy ending massage sometime. A person looking for an Asian massage can observe little pain or strain during the massage but the ending results make you feel deeply relaxed and happy. Many massage parlors claim to offer real Asian massage but real Asian massage sometimes hard to find. At Thai Lotus Bodywork, we offer a real Asian Massage where professionally trained native massage therapists are always available on your demand. 

NOTE: Some people consider Asian Massage some type of sensual massage or sexual massage. At Thai Lotus Bodywork, we do not provide any type of sensual massage services or any other type of Asian Massage that could embarrass our customers or destroy our good reputation.  Instead, you can expect a pleasant environment, professionally trained massage therapists with pure Asian massage techniques you are looking for.

By creating an atmosphere of objective amity with individual care for all the clients, we offer a lifetime massage experience at an economical cost.

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