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Thai Lotus Massage price comparison

Chicagoans are always on the go, and it is never surprising that tension in their lives can throw a major roadblock on their hunt to find peaceful spaces to rejuvenate. For instance, how many times you visit a massage spa, perhaps, after months during discounted weekends. You deserve regular massage therapies to get rid of stiff neck, stiff shoulder muscles and pain in the lower back. When you try to find a place, you always fear massage cost and poor services. Believe us, all our massage prices are affordable, economical and worth every penny! Have a comparison of our spa price and services with any other local massage spa in Chicago, and you’ll surely find us ahead.

Prices in Cash

  • $80
    • 60 minutes
    • Our masseurs use their innate understanding of connective tissues and muscles to formulate a therapy session that others don’t. Even in just 60 minutes, the massager will target the back, arms and legs for 30 minutes; for 20 minutes, she will offer a relaxing and unwinding neck, face and leg stretching and the last 10 minutes include soothing massage and low pressure stretches while you’re sitting in a tranquil state of relaxation. You can’t accept such a comprehensive massage therapy in 1h session with any other massage spa where the massagers are always in a hurry. During the session, therapist also pays special attention to problematic areas like cramps, injuries or chronic pains. And the massage cost is also within your range.
  • $115
    • 90 minutes
    • Enjoy the ultimate Thai massage experience with this relaxing, calming and inviting escape by scheduling a one hour session. The massager focuses on problematic areas for 60 minutes; for 20 minutes, she will apply low to high pressures on your legs, arms, face, head and neck to relieve the knots and loose the tighten muscles. For the rest of 10 minutes, she will offer you a relaxing therapy while you’re in the sitting posture. Yes, it’s really true; you’ll get it all for only $100. Our massage prices are far less than our competitors. It’s the most economical and trendy massage for anyone looking to escape busy day-to-day life.
  • $150
    • 120 minutes
    • Whether it is stress, physical recovery, or a long day at work, 2h package is perfect to de-stress your aching and tired muscles. For the first 60 minutes, by applying a combination of different Thai massage techniques, the massager will address the problematic areas causing pain and cramps. For 20 minutes, she’ll apply light to strong strokes on sides; for 30 minutes, she’ll offer pain relief and deep relaxation in areas including neck, arms, legs, face and head and for the last 10 minutes, mild therapy while you’re sitting.
Massage Price and Services All the massage packages don’t include all the methods due to time restrictions but you’ll get a full-body massage even in 1h package. 1.5h is the most popular while 2h is a comprehensive package for people with large muscles, heavy weight or suffering from chronic pain or muscle tension.

Massage prices at Thai Lotus is competitive as compared to the services offered because we believe all the Chicagoans deserve economical and affordable Thai massage. Check our promotion page to see what discounts and deals you can get in our massage salon.

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