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Providing erotic massage Chicago services is illegal. A perfect and effective massage helps you to feel less tired not only physically but also mentally. By restoring the body power and calmness, it makes the people feel rejuvenated and helps them to get ready for the next challenges. Thai Lotus Bodywork providing best massage experience but does not offer any kind of sex treatment in the name of erotic massage. The number of late-night massage Chicago services providers women is increasing day by day.  According to a survey, almost 16,000- 25,000 females in Chicago start providing rub and tug Chicago services every year, the main reasons behind are; drug addiction, household needs, homelessness and sex addiction from the early age. No doubt, government and different social & health agencies in Chicago are determined to eliminate the sex trading and prostitution in Chicago.

Massage Services in Chicago:

There are a lot of massages centers in Chicago who offer the right and legitimate type of massages to cure the simple tension and stress to some specific medical conditions. The most popular massages are;

  • Swedish Massage Therapy It offeres by many massage centers in Chicago. The purpose of this simple message is to reduce tension and depression along with targeting the specific body areas to reduce pain and tension in joints. Specific oils and lotions use to give soft and relaxing strokes. It considered one of the best massages to get deep relaxation, joints flexibility after injury healings.
  • Hot Stone Massage use to cure deep muscle and joints’ tension by placing the hot stones at the specific areas of the body. Due to the healing benefits of this massage, it preferred by many people, but it is not recommended for the people having some medical conditions like; blood pressure, heart disease OR some others. Better to consult your doctor before you get any massage therapy.
  • Thai Massage is also known as pressing and stretching massage to increase body flexibility. Constant Thai massage makes the body joints able to move without feeling pain and cures chronic back pain. It is performed in full clothes.
  • Aromatherapy Massage It is for deeply disturbed nerves healing and relaxation. Also, a pleasant mixture of natural essential oils like; jasmine, sandal wood, rose and lavender use in massaging the body. It is just like Swedish massage. The scents and extracts of different plants make the people feel more relaxed and calm.


Sensual Massage in Chicago:

Providing erotic massage Chicago services is illegal everywhere. So, in order to promote the healthy and positive concept of massage and bring more people to know about the amazing health benefits of massage, Thai Lotus Bodywork is not providing any kind of erotic massage Chicago services. It is not only illegal and unethical but also spoils the good business and good clients who are looking for best soothing massage services in Chicago. Chicago police took action against such erotic body massage parlors and prostitutes who work there, but to bring the best image of the massage parlors. Thai Lotus Bodywork is providing best services and clearly mentions what types of messages are being provided.

We Don’t Provide Erotic Massage:

Rub and tug Chicago massage can cause many issues. We don’t want any of our clients will be victims by erotic massage providers and face any uncertain condition. There are countless erotic body rub massage and spa centers in Chicago. Massage hunters can find them online by visiting rubmaps Chicago directory, and by checking the feedback of other users there.

Rubmape Chicago is full of adult Body rub massage parlors who are doing this business and putting the people life into risk. Since, such massage parlors announced illegal, providing and availing rubmaps Chicago massage services are crime in the USA. Still, there are many rubmaps Chicago and body rub massage facility providers working in many states of the USA.

Why don’t choose erotic massage?

Massage is all about getting the peace and calmness of mind and body relaxation. No doubt, erotic massage is a little bit different from the regular massage. It comforts your nerves, improves blood circulation and even lower down the stress level.  On the other side, it lost its importance when the therapist takes advantage of you and gets indulged in sex activities. Erotic massage is also the main cause of transmitting dangerous diseases from one person to another. It is because the therapist is not going to make you sure he/she has no disease.

In Chicago, providing an erotic massage is prohibited. At Thai Lotus Bodywork, we take much care of our clients’ respect, honor and privacy and don’t them to caught in any bad situation. No doubt, a lot of people consider it good but actually, it is not. So, if you are also here to know more about this massage then keep some certain thing;

  • In an erotic massage, when the body of massage therapist comes in contact with the client, it can cause the transmitting of contagious diseases. 
  • It is also the main cause of AIDs when the two persons indulge in sexual intercourse. 
  • Since the therapist doesn’t know your skin type or level of sensitivity, so the oil they use for massage can irritate your skin.
  • The person with certain medical conditions (for example inflammation, blood clots, blood pressure) should also avoid getting erotic massage. 

Avoid Erotic Massage:

The Internet is the best source to collect information about any business by checking their clients’ reviews. People who look for happy ending Chicago massage services on rubmaps, it is also possible that they misled by fake reviews, services, and fake information and even face trouble with the police. Also, there are many such incidences happening every day in Chicago in which late night massage services finders face troubles by visiting such parlors.


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Hazards of Rub and Tug Chicago Massage:Massage could be beneficial for your mental and physical health. However, rub and tug Chicago massage possibly could bring many serious health risks. Erotic massage Chicago services can take anyone to death or a miserable life.

  • Skin infection or diseases are the most common when you’re going to avail happy ending Chicago massage. You can be easily get infected by skin allergy, herpes, and other contagious skin diseases.
  • HIV or AIDS is also most common when you get body rub massage.
  • Giving a rub and tug massage to an already affected person could cause inflammatory diseases to the massager.
  • Rub and tug Chicago massage with essential oils can cause some kind of allergy. In case your partner skin is too sensitive. The blood pressure increases and a person’s life (with heart disease “OR” high blood pressure) could be at risk.

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