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Thai massage nearby – Revitalizing your entire body and soul. By working on the energy lines (meridian), bodywork gives comfort to the body muscles. It’s quite different as compared to the modern Western massage; Thai massage concentrates on the blood circulation, enhancing the flexibility of muscles as well as overall health. Starting from the feet and slowly moving upward towards the head, masseur divides body into four parts. In this way, therapist is able to perform different body treatments.

To relax and calm the body muscles, masseurs apply different techniques including limbs rolling, moderate rocking and rhythmic compressions. By applying different pressure amounts to energy lines (sen) in line with Ayurvedic fundamentals, they bring an energy balance. They use knees, feet, forearms and elbow to apply particular strokes and manipulations so that you feel revitalized and revived. Not often, but finding a person in the lap of therapist is not uncommon. It helps to instigate a deep relaxation. When masseurs apply their body weight to dispense strain and pain from the body, it works deeper and focused. Thai massage nearby is your jorney to traditional thai massage. At thai lotus bodywork you will have full authentic thai massage experience. Also, our thai massage therapists practiced in most famous schools in Thailand and could perform a lot of different techniques. In Thai massage, a therapist use elbows, feet and hands.


A little about Thai Massage Therapy history

India’s primitive Ayurvedic civilizations influence the contemporary Thai massage treatment. This ancient therapy is old, and we mean dating back some 2,500 years. According to the history, Buddha’s physician, Shivago Komarpaj, first started this body treatment.  Monks and other spiritual leaders of healing brought this technique to Thailand. This ancient and religious practice thus resulted in a marvelous reality that is unique Thai body work.

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