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Bodybuilders have to go through a number of sacrifices including gym fee, supplements and much more. But they miss the most important thing which can help them magically. Let me tell you the bodybuilding secret that will help you grow like a giant without even the use of supplements. It’s Thai massage. A good bodywork can do wonders when we it comes to the arena of bodybuilding.

Why to get a massage for fitness?

Massage and fitness are interlinked. Good health can assure you a better life, pleasant relationships, and more progress in life. An effective massage can not only enhance your workout abilities but also improve your overall health by supporting each other. A lot of athletes and players left their passion because of poor fitness, injury or because of frequently muscles pull. They even don’t know what a massage can do for them?  Massage can’t prevent you from injury but it gives your muscles enough flexibility to perform better. It reduces the risks of injuries or frequent muscles pull during hard workouts. It also makes your muscles ready to perform better. By enhancing the mobility between joints, it helps the performers to perform for long-time. 

So, if you are feeling tired, less energetic or rigidity in your joints then it is the time to get some good fitness massage. Players who get regular (once or twice a week) massage face less health issues. It is heard that getting a massage prior to the next workout prepare the fitness seekers. Massage makes the mind clears from worries and uncertainties that affect the players’ performance.  Players who get regular massage therapies also have better concentrations and look more comfortable.

Benefits of Thai Massage for Bodybuilders

A good Thai massage therapy leaves great impact and makes your journey easier and smoother on the road of success. You can easily achieve desired goals within the specific time span.

  • Flexibility and range of motion! As the muscles tighten, it reduces the flexibility and the range of motion. Intensive weight lifting and hard training sessions causes the stubbornness of fibers and tissue muscles. They tightly stuck together. Bodybuilding with hard and tight muscles can result in fatal injuries. Thai bodywork helps to enhance flexibility by stretching the strained muscles sideways and lengthwise. Bodywork treatment lets go the pressure and tension to enhance the range of motion and flexibility. Besides, it heals the scar tissues and prevents the body from further injury or trauma.


  • Improves blood circulation! Do you know your muscles build when your gym is over? You take lots of protein and drink lots of fluids. Thai massage helps the blood to flow efficiently through the body. Increased blood circulation starts repairing and rebuilding your damaged muscles.  If you’ve worked out hardly in gym, your body will take 24 hours to decrease the muscle soreness. On the other hand, if you take a Thai massage treatment session, you’ll get a recovery from soreness within just 90 minutes.


  • Muscles rapid recovery! Do you known massage helps the muscles to recover soon. Massage therapy acts on two genes present in the muscle cells. One type of genes helps to reduce the inflammation caused by heavy workout. It acts like a medicine. The other gene speeds up the mitochondria (power house of cell). Mitochondria break down the food particles by using oxygen. Then they produce energy from these particles. When you repeatedly take bodywork, it increases the production of mitochondria, hence enhancing your overall energy level. And it happens only after 10 minutes of Thai massage session. Isn’t it amazing? Anti-inflammatory medication reduces inflammation but it also prevents the muscle growth. On the other hand, Thai bodywork performs both the positive functions: reduces inflammation and helps the muscles grow. So why not limp up to the massage tables at the end of a hard gym work out.


  • Relief from pain! Undoubtedly, pain is often considered as part and parcel of bodybuilding. Also, pain restricts the natural ability of a bodybuilder to put his/her 100% effort in workout. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it further worsens the situation. In addition to that, pain is a signal that there is something wrong with your body. This is the time for a massage therapy. Massage reduces the pain whether normal or chronic.


  • You can sleep well! A good sleep has paramount importance in your recovery procedure. Massage treatment for bodybuilders relaxes the muscles and nerves to improve sleep. Thai therapy enhances both the quality and quantity of the sleep. According to the research, Thai massage helps to instigate chemicals responsible for sleep in human body. A circular movement of fingertips at the base of your spine and back eases your muscles to make you feel papered and relaxed. As a result, when you will go to bed at night, you’ll be out like a light in no time.

Packages for bodybuilders massage

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Bodybuilding is quite similar to other sports. To be successful, you’ve to give your 100% and that’s why we are in the town to help you in all respects. Feel free to set an appointment with one of our experienced massagers.


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