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Around the globe, many individuals feel back pain and it is quite common among people of all ages. Various health issues can cause back pain. These may include lifting heavy objects, working or sitting in wrong posture, sports or any common injury. Also, deep pressure massage can help with many other health complications. Obviously, it is quite tough to live with such a pain because it prevents patients from performing simple daily tasks. At Thai Lotus Bodywork, our trained therapists will act as a detective to identify the source of your backaches. After identification, they will free up thickened, stiffed and dysfunctional ligaments and tissues in back upper back with deep muscle therapy. After that, they will give you a session of systematic postural rehabilitation.

Thai Lotus Bodywork masseurs apply different methods of manipulating and stroking the skin surface and deeper tendons to reprieve soreness and tightness during deep tissue massage for back pain treatment. To perform professional deep muscle massage, a therapist should know the structure of body muscle. With medical and bodywork background, all thai lotus bodywork therapists have a qualification to give you best deep pressure massage experience. As a result, you’ll regain normal posture and get rid of back pain forever.

Deep pressure massage for hypertension treatment

It is highly effective to treat hypertension because it relieves stress and strain. This bodywork promotes the smooth circulation of blood throughout the circulatory system.  Deep pressure massage enhances the serotonin creation. It is responsible to promote joy, amusement and overall happy-feelings. Regular body work helps to deal both the systole and diastole pressure by lowering anxiety, tenseness and the source of depression. Pressure massage is a proven technique to reduce hypertension naturally. Furthermore, deep pressure massage also greatly helps to regulate the heart beat.

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