Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a unique type of therapeutic massages in which we lightly put force on the body and increase the lymphatic system’s flow and reduces the levels of toxic stuff in the human body. Firstly, we should know about the lymph and lymphatic system, because I will mention them a lot. 

So, you need to acknowledge the lymphatic system’s working process to understand the benefits and importance of lymphatic drainage massage.  


Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is present in the human body, under the skin. It consists of a compact network of tissues and organs that dispose-off the toxic materials. The lymphatic fluid has the dead white cells that are removed from the body through the lymphatic system. Moreover, a healthy lymphatic system reduces liver cancer risk because it will ensure that no toxic materials are present in the body. Hence, a corrupt lymphatic system cannot drain out the body’s toxic substances, so the chance of liver cancer will be increasing gradually. 

You can easily confirm whether your lymphatic system is working correctly or not. If your lymph nodes are enlarged and swollen, that means your lymphatic system is not working correctly.  

Lymph Nodes: Lymph nodes are present in the neck, groin, armpits, and other parts of the human body. You can call them a cluster of tissues that play an essential role in draining out the body’s toxic materials. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is the best option for ensuring a healthy lymphatic system without any medical treatment. 

lymphatic system anatomy
lymphatic system anatomy

Massage and Lymph

               Massage is a prevalent technique in which people around the world opt to reduce their body problems. Athletes, ladies who do yoga, and other busy people with hectic routines often visit massage spas to overcome their mental stress, anxiety, and depression. What they don’t know is that massage they are having also has a plus one benefit. When people go for massages in spas, the professional therapists put soft and gentle pressure on the body to stimulate the lymphatic vessels under the skin. These massages are known as lymphatic drainage massage

               Health problems that you may are be facing can reduce the proper functionality of the lymphatic system and lymph nodes. This problem can increase the chances of Liver cancer in the body. Lymphatic massage plays a vital role in decreasing the enlarged lymph nodes and reduces cancer chances.

What is MLD?

               A soft massaging technique that aids and helps the lymphatic system waste the toxic material naturally is called Manual lymph drainage(MLD). Manual lymph drainage improves the efficiency and performance of the lymphatic system and improves the blood flow of small veins and capillaries in the human body.

           Manual lymph drainage is mainly a technique for lymph nodes and vessels to increase lymphatic fluid flow. At first, MLD is used on the affected areas of the body to heal the wound properly. The circulation of the lymphatic fluid in those areas will be more even and enhanced. MLD also helps to improve the health of remaining open lymph nodes and speeds up the circulation and flow of lymphatic fluid.

           If your lymphatic system is not working properly, then a Certified Lymphedema Therapist will do the first step to recover your body’s affected nodes. Once the phase 1 of treatment is done, then you can self-perform manual lymph drainage on yourself. It is essential to perform lymph drainage self-massage on yourself because this will increase the flow and circulation of lymphatic fluid and increase the blood circulation in your body, leading to a healthy normal life.

Do you have Cancer?

               Cancer is caused by the spreading of toxic materials in your body. If your lymphatic fluid does not have proper circulation, then there is a high chance that you can get Cancer. There is a massage for people living with Cancer. Usually, lymph drainage self-massage is an essential part of treatment with Cancer. People with Cancer typically have a proper remedy to increase the lymphatic fluid flow, and MLD is recommended. 

            MLD is different from other massages in the market. Massage for people living with Cancer is quite gentle, soft, and targets the points of lymph nodes to increase the lymphatic system’s health. One massage and therapy session of MLD can take up to 20 to 45 minutes. This massage should feel fluffy rather than rubbing and plowing. Once the treatment is completed, lymph drainage self-massage is recommended to maintain the lymphatic system’s health and functionality to avoid the spread of toxic material in the body. 

How to perform?

               There is always a question in the FAQ section on how to perform lymphatic drainage massage? As we already know, the body’s toxic material is removed by a system known as the lymphatic system. A healthy lymphatic system works on the natural and smooth movement of muscles in the body. But, surgery and other conditions can make the situation worse, and the fluid of lymph nodes will start to stay in those nodes. This condition is termed as Lymphedema. If you had any of this experience, a doctor might have recommended you to have lymph drainage self-massage or any MLD massage spa and professionals.  You also can try Swedish massage in many spa

           There are several ways to perform lymph drainage self-massage. A few of those methods are mentioned below for your ease.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 1
What is MLD


  • When you are doing a lymph massage, you should make sure that you are using a soft touch. Pressing too hard is not appropriate; the reason is that the lymph vessels are present right under the skin; if you push too hard, you can go deeper than these vessels. If you mostly get deep tissue massage, then you may feel it too soft.
  • Usually, we are used to getting our skins pressed and move, but MLD is different from a regular massage. We have to pull and stretch the skin so that lymph vessels are stimulated.
  • There is a lymph flow direction. During an MLD, we should massage in the same direction in which the lymphatic fluid runs. By doing this, the system will naturally stimulate. If you are not doing it in the opposite direction of the flow, then the massage is wrong.
  • Be gentle on your skin, and take time. You have to make your strokes rhythmic and in a good cycle. It will help kick start the lymphatic system in a very natural way.
  • You should be in a relaxed position and be very comfortable while giving you MLD. You must be relaxed.
  • Before directly starting the massage, relax your body with deep breaths. Inhale for a few seconds, keep it, and then slowly exhale it. Remember to keep it slow and steady. Gradual and regular deep breathing will help to relax your body.

Massage spa for MLD

               Other than lymph drainage self-massage, there are some professional therapists and chiropractors in Chicago. They are trained and offer many things in massage. They keep in mind to relax you by offering quite a deal of luxury and comfort. MLD is a tricky massage; other than the standard massage, we have to be more specific. The way of massaging the client is different. We cannot massage like usual, we pull and stretch the skins to keep the vessels naturally. Our masseur and masseuse keep outstanding care of our clients here. The authentic Asian massage, especially Thai massage combined with MLD, is one of our specials. Make sure to visit us to keep your life healthy and Cancer free.


               By concluding my discussion, I would like to say that the lymphatic system is a significant body system. Like blood circulation, lymphatic fluid is also essential in keeping our bodies healthy and functional. If the lymphatic system is not functioning adequately and there is any malfunction, as a result of this, there could be a condition called Lymphedema. Patients with this condition are advised and recommended by doctors to get an excellent lymphatic drainage massage. We provide outstanding Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage services. You should visit us and get a massage with all the luxury and comfortable experience. If your lymphatic system is not functioning correctly, then there is a high chance to suffer from Cancer. In our massage and physical therapy spa, we have a massage for people living with Cancer. Self drainage massage is also possible if you want to do that too. It would be best if you first got you a comfortable position, relax your body with deep breaths. Then massage softly, do not rub and massage, but gently pull the skin and stretch to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and always massage in the direction of the system’s flow. We are one of the best massage and chiropractors in Chicago.

               It is perfect and healthy to get you both deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage massages to keep yourself healthy and active.


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