19 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit

Planning to go to Chicago for vacations? What do you think is the best reason to make a plan for Vacations in windy city? The city has different points of attraction for a different type of people. There are at least 19 Interesting Places in Chicago to visit. Sometimes people love this place because of its richness in jazz music, fine art museum and so many others.

One of the most interesting things is that Illinois is not only a great piece of attraction for the tourists but also for businessmen and investors. The business district and the beautiful business parks make it primarily a business place.

1. Magnificent Mile

If you love to visit the grand streets of a famous place then this is going to be your favorite place to visit indeed. The Magnificent Mile is the grand street of Chicago that have a display of 100 years of Urban architecture.

You can find so many historical and valuable buildings in this grandest street. This is the street with many of the tallest buildings and structures. You can see the Gaudy Trump International Hotel & Tower owned by Donald Trump. There are so many buildings in the street that belong to the late 19th century and their beauty can mesmerize anyone easily.

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit

2. Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

Another historical building is included in the list. This building is located near Oak Park that is so close to Chicago. Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio’s interior tour cost is $17 per adult. This building is after the name of a famous architect. You can spend 1 hour there for $17.

3. Wrigley Field

The cost to visit this place is $25. The oldest major league baseball stadium with distinct qualities. This stadium is more than 100 years old. Pricing of the admission depends on the type of game. Similarly, the hours depend on the timings of the games. Upper-level seats can be booked even in $9. If you are a baseball lover then these $25 for a 90-minute tour is worthwhile. There are also non-game days, so if you want to see how players are practising, it is very easy to go on these days and enjoy.

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit

4. Water Tower and Pumping Station

Chicago Avenue Water Tower and Pumping Station is actually a building that was the first water pumping facility in the city. It was a great water tower and pumping station. Now this beautiful stones building is opened as a museum. The building construction took place in mid of 19th century. The stone building is a complete beauty and enough to mesmerize someone. If you are in love with the old style construction then this is what you are going to love the most. This museum stays open from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm and the most attractive thing is that the entry fees is zero. Yes, the admission to this building is free but be careful, don’t stay longer than the given time.

5. Wrigley Building

The people with the love of history are well aware of the importance of the Wrigley Building. The Wrigley Building is an amazing place for the tourist to visit. The reason behind the popularity of the Wrigley building is its mega infrastructures and its magnificent history. The architects have created an eye-catching, attractive and interesting creation at the heart of downtown which captured the attention of every citizen and tourist. It is situated near Michigan Avenue and used for the commercial use of the Wrigley company. All the main offices of the Wrigley company is present here and a mesmerizing environment of the organized system can be seen here.

People around the world visit this building also to get the inspiration and see the world best professionals in action. There is also a flag ceremony that is held in the Wrigley Building in the June month in which a big flag covers the south side of the building which uplifts the heart of the American patriots.

6. Adler planetarium

If the person has a wish to visit the space, then he has a very expensive wish. Because traveling outside of the earth is not a thing one plans for vacation, so the Adler planetarium is a museum that has created a mini space on the earth. The theme of this museum is space and time. The sequence of the events that lead to the creation of the earth and the how the time has evolved the alone fire star into the versatile ecosystems which are presented on earth today is shown in the different sections of the Adler planetarium. The telescopes are also present for the researchers and tourists to view the real world of space along with the virtual space of the Adler planetarium.

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit

7. Women’s park and gardens:

There are lots of parks in the world but the beauty about the Chicago Women Park and gardens is this, that the park is made to the honor the women of Illinois. The women that has contributed towards the success and development of the city from the start. The park represents the gratitude of the citizens of Illinois to the women that are part of the history of the city.

8. Grant Park skate plaza:

The bikers and the stakeholders can practice all of their tricks at the grant park skate plaza. There are hundreds of the lines, benches, rails that make an interesting path for the bikers to perform and ride their bikes in various complicated moves and riding styles. The tourists who visit to the grant park skate plaza to watch these bikers and skaters practising and enjoy their performances.

9. Oak Street Beach:

the best entertainment which the people can have in the south loop is to have a picnic at the Oak Street beach. People spend the whole day at the beach absorbing the sunlight and enjoying the beach food at the oak street beach. It is a much liked outdoor activity in the city.

10. McCormick place:

If a person is in windy city then he should visit the McCormick place for sure because the McCormick place is the hub of all the popular events. The famous Auto shoe to the health-related expo, all the events are taking place in McCormick Place. Millions of people visit this place every year and it is frequently liked and visited by the tourists who are on vacation in Chicago.

11. Lincoln Park Zoo:

Lakeview offers wildlife lovers a unique opportunity to spend the whole among the hundreds of animals. The animals that are kept at the zoo are provided with all the facilities which are required by them. The zoo offers fitness classes and art classes as well. Especial research center for the researchers who are studying the natural behavior and responses of the wild animals also visit the Lincoln park zoo. The aquarium and the pools for the aquatic animals are the favorite places of the tourist and USA citizens.

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit

12. Ping Tom Memorial Park:

The park is situated at the place that was originally a railroad. A Chinese person helped in the conversion of this place into a public park. The park is now named after that Chinese name. due to the Chicago location near the ping tom park, the park is famous for its kayaking. The new additions to the park are fitness center and swimming pools.

13. Soldier field:

the rolling stones fans and the U2 fans are crazy about the soldier field. It is the football arena where the football matches are held in the warm weather. The outdoor football matches are held here when the players are tired of the indoor arenas. The spring awakening festival is also arranged in the soldier fields. This arena is also used for the concerts and music shows. So if the person is in Chicago do not miss to visit the soldier field.

14. Thai Lotus BodyWork Massage center in South Loop:

The Chicago south loop is an attractive place for the couple or people who want a refreshing, cozy and therapeutic massage. The couple massages, chocolate messages, herbal massages all type of messages are offered by the many massage centers in this area. One of the best massage center in South Loop is Thai lotus bodywork center. The customer-oriented services and highly effective techniques are used by the professional massagers at the Thai lotus bodywork center. Their prices are very affordable. The massages relax the muscles and regulate the blood circulation which reduces the stress, pain and inflammation.  The people can visit all the information and make an appointment through their official website.   

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit      

15. Northerly island Interesting Places                   

The northerly island is situated at the lake Michigan. The island is the perfect place to enjoy the views of the city. As the Chicago city is known for its amazing building and their unique designs which mostly has more than 40 floors. Therefore, the northerly island provides the place where the tourist to just sit and get the pleasure of viewing the boat harbor, soldier field and Wrigley building from far.

16. Second Presbyterian Church

The second Presbyterian church is a beautiful church that is visited by the Christians for the holy purposes. The church was built many years back and famous due to its history. The tourists who are not Christians can also visit this church due to its beautiful infra structure and heritage. The leaflets are provided to the tourist and self-tours of the church are also allowed.

17. Burnham Harbor:

The Burnham harbor is located in the Chicago. It is a nice place with lots of yachts. These yachts are of different sizes that people can ride and enjoy the sea. The harbor is mostly used for the walking and jogging by the locals. The bikers also sometimes like to ride along the harbor so they can feel and smell the cool breeze while riding.

18. Arie crown Theater:

The Arie crown theater held many dramatic competition and provide entertainment to the viewers. The sitting arrangement of the theater is very comfortable. The view of the stage is incredible from every side of the theater hall. The parking in the Arie crown theater is also available. The tickets are easily accessible and prices are also low so all the people can afford the theater.

19. Pianoforte studios:

Music lovers are not going to be ignored in this city. You can have all types of music places so you can enjoy your time perfectly. There is a place in the region that can easily mesmerize the tourists who love the piano. The pianoforte studios is a heaven for the music lovers. The world’s first-class pianist does their recording at this studio. The studios offer a free live show every Friday for the music fans. The pianist like the Lori Sims and his music composer David colon like people are usually present. So book a seat for and one for someone special and visit this place to touch your heart and soul.

20 Interesting Places in Chicago South Loop to Visit


Besides of all the political and business values, Chicago is also a great charm for the families to spend vacations. The visit and the traveling both are cheaper in this windy city, so you can enjoy with your friends or family for a long time. Couples also love to come here to enjoy the beauty of Nature, luxury and their relation too. The biggest fun a couple can have in windy city is to experience the world’s famous body massage therapies.

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