How Much to Tip for Massage?

There is so much joy in getting a relaxing full body massage. All your body’s aches and pains will be soothed. Your mood will eventually become a lot better, and you will feel like you are ready to conquer another day in your life. However, have you ever wonder how much to tip for massage? Or, should you even think about giving a tip after a massage? If you do, then you are in the right place, as that is what we will be discussing in this article.


What is a Tip?

Before we proceed on discussing on how and when to give a tip during a massage, let us first get a clear idea of what is a “Tip.”

This is also known as “gratuity.” It is an amount of money given by a client to somebody who provides them with service on top of the basic price. Often, it is given to drivers, hairstylists, and waiters, but they can also be given to massage therapists.

The amount and manner of giving a tip vary from one culture to another. In the United States, it is normal for people to tip 15-20% of regular price. Sometimes, it is even automatically charged on the bills. But, in other Asian and European countries, tipping is not a good thing.


When to Tip for a Massage?

In most spas, tipping is not mandatory. However, some provide small envelopes where you can place sometimes. Some also have tipping jars or will ask if you want to opt to give a tip upon paying for the service. So, when should you give a tip? Well, it is not a etiquette protocol but you can give a tip if the spa has the following tipping options.


Each spa has its policies. This is why if there is no precise tipping method in the establishment, it is best if you ask the attendants about their policies first. Some establishments have a strict no-tipping policy. If this is the case, then it is okay not to give tips, and you shouldn’t force the massage therapist to accept tips since they might get into trouble.

tips for massage
tips for massage


How Much to Tip for Massage in USA?

If the spa does accept tips, the question now lies on how much to give.This would depend on the context of your message. Here is a list of different situations and how you should tip after a session of massage:

  • Coupon Massage

If you have a session through a promo, it is more likely that you are paying so much less than the actual price. So, will you give 20% of the discounted price or the original rate? Well, the answer is that you should still calculate your tip depending on the actual price since the massage therapist still provided you the same quality of service regardless of the discount you got. Even if you tip 20%, just think of it as paying for the full price as you should be.

  • Private Massage

This type of massage services can be rendered by spas who will send a specialist to your place or by an independent massage specialist. Most independent therapist’s rate is all-inclusive. This means that the tips are automatically added to the bill. So you do not need to worry about calculation how much to give.

However, if a spa sends your massage therapist, that is not always the case. This is why it is better to check your bill if the tip is included or not. Or, better yet, ask the massage attendant as they know more about this, but generally, the standard tipping amount should be 20% of the total bill.

  • Hotel Spa Massage

One of the reasons why hotel spa massages are expensive is because they have already added a 20% tip on top of the service charge. If this is so, all you have to do is look over the final bill. See if the tip is already included. However, some hotel spas may have different policies. This is why it is essential that you like the front desk attendant about the tipping policies that they have. This way, you will have a clearer idea of when and how much tip to give for massage.


Who Should You Tip: The Owner of the Spa or the Therapist?

The general reason why it’s better for clients to offer tips is because this helps them supplement their income. There is no point in giving the owner a tip unless they personally provide the service to you. So, your tip must go directly to the person who rendered you the service. However, tipping policies may have specific stipulations.

Some establishment’s policy is that all tips are gathered all together and divided among the service providers. This may sound unfair, but it equally supplements employee’s incomes. Other establishments will be the one to give the tip to the massage therapist, while some will require you to do it yourself.

How Much to Tip for a Massage

Final Thoughts

Tipping has always been a sensitive topic throughout the world. Some culture deems it to be disrespectful while for others, it is mandatory and standard. This is why it is essential to educate yourself on the topic. There are several ways to tip, and hopefully, the information mentioned above has answered your question: how much to tip for  massage?

Although no law says tipping is a must, doing so is just a positive gesture on your part.Your massage therapist only earns a portion of what you pay for their service. Sometimes, these cannot even be enough to sustain their needs and rent, yet they provide you with so much relaxation and pain relief.

When you think about it, giving them a tip will incentivize them to do better in their job. This scenario benefits you as you will also have a better quality of service when you go back for another massage session.

So, if you happen to live in the US, giving a 20% tip to your massage therapist is a simple gesture to say thank you for their fantastic service, which is a win-win scenario for both of you.

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