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Thai Massage Using Aerial Hammocks

Thai Massage Using Aerial Hammocks Promotes Health and Feels Fantastic!

It is like floating cocooned in a cloud. Your back lifted, then released as you sway, and fall deeper into relaxation. All of this from the comfort of soft aerial fabric that supports and compresses all the right places. Sound too good be true? Thai Lotus Body Work has converted dream to reality. If you need tension, stress, and toxins to flow out of your body and mind a Thai massage therapist can help. Better yet, receiving a massage in an aerial hammock helps tension flow out of your body and mind as you lay, fully supported in Shavasana. The harmony of Thai massage and aerial hammocks brings inner peace and stress relief.

So much tension is held in the legs, just try to release it now wherever you are reading this. It’s not easy! While being fully supported, your therapist can bring that much needed relief to your legs as you lay cocooned, rocking gently. Foot reflexology is a dream while in a hammock! Since foot points connect to all the parts of your body, the mixture of a supportive hammock and massage therapist can help target those points that when activated clear you of unwanted tension. Let your mind drift as your therapist clears your energy lines.

With your face free from the pressure of a cradle and your body suspended, the experience is more comfortable than laying on a massage table.  Your neck, face and scalp can be gently massaged as you sway comfortably in the hammock. You can fully concentrate on your breathwork. A massage in an aerial hammock is unlike any massage you have ever received.

Do you want to increase your stretching?

Thai massage is also known as lazy person Yoga and with the aerial hammock you can either be supported for a deeper stretch, or you can use the floor, hammock, and your therapist to help you to achieve the stretch you desire.

Need a deep tissue experience?

The aerial hammock can be a support for your therapist as they walk on your back releasing tension with each step. The work can be as deep as you like, accessing trigger points that need to be released. Your massage therapist can use the hammock as a hand hold so as not to put too much pressure on those tight spots!

So, you may be asking yourself, where to begin:

  • When using the aerial hammock, also called a Sling, we recommend a Basic Hammock from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics
  • We recommend working with a trained Thai massage therapist like those with Thai Lotus Body Work

But, if you are a massage therapist, the quality aerial  hammocks from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics can be used in a variety of ways to increase the benefit of your massage. Your clients will love the total body relaxation as they float in the hammock. You can use the gentle swing of the hammock to release emotional and physical stress. (If you want to vary the height of the hammock, we recommend the adjustable hammock).

Use your professional training and your creativity to develop your own unique style of massage using the Aerial Hammock.

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